"The Musicians' Secret Weapon"


The first software metronome that features Metric Modulation. Shift between tempos instantly in any time signature. All you have to do is input your home and target tempo and BeatNav guides you through rhythmic lines. Despite the fancy word, BeatNav is an amazing tool for musicians of all levels with an easy to use software.







Simple Time Signatures

Compound Time Signatures, up to 32 beats per bar
Advanced Rhythmic Values ( 
5tuplets, 7tuplets, 9uplets, 10tuplets, 11uplets)

Actual Value Notation
Selection of Sounds

Italian tempo Markings

Set tempo by tap, adjustment buttons or input number


Metric Modulation

Modulate Between Tempos in any Time Signature

Modulate between Time Signatures

Fully editable lines (play/mute, change sounds)

2 Fully editable individual metronomes


Rhythmic Pyramid 
Create Polyrhythms


Grouping Cycles

Edit Each Value Individually


Save/Name/Rename tempos and create playlists.

Save/Name/Rename your modulation results.


Plays in Background

Vibration Feature

If you are looking for a simple metronome, check out BeatNav Lite.

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BeatNav Metronome